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OSSAA Rules:

No student shall be eligible to represent his/her school in athletics until there is on file with the principal a physical examination and parental consent certificate. The form used shall contain the information on the standard OSSAA form. Other forms may be utilized, by the physician, physician’s assistant, or the advanced practice nurse, if the information contained is compliant with the information on the OSSAA form. Any other information, depicting the athlete’s previous history, can be added to this form for the purpose of clearance for athletic participation. A qualified physician, physician’s assistant, or an advanced practice nurse covered by professional liability insurance shall give the physical examinations. If you have questions concerning the qualifications or the insurance coverage of a health care practitioner offering to give examinations, it is suggested that you check with your school district attorney for an opinion. Physical examinations are required for students each year. All physicals given for OSSAA participation must be given no earlier than May 1 of the preceding year in which the students are to participate and before the first day of practice in that student's particular sport. The physical will be valid from the date of the physical given until the next required physical. Parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign the parental consent form each year before the student participates in any organized athletic practice session including contest participation.

Please click the link below to access a copy of the OSSAA Physicals required for participation!

2021-2022 Physical


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