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Concurrent Enrollment

Qualifying students may concurrently enroll at Tulsa Community College or Rogers State University for college credit. Concurrent enrollment is open to qualified Juniors and Seniors. Juniors may take up to 12 hours of credit and Seniors may take up to 18 hours of credit. All hours must be completed by the end of their senior year, second semester. Students must meet the following criteria before application submission:


ACT Composite Score = 19

Curricular Area:

  • Reading = 19
  • English = 19
  • Science = 19
  • Math = 20


SAT Composite Score = 980

Curricular Area:

  • Reading = 480
  • English = 480
  • Science = 480
  • Math = 530


Required admission documents for all students:

  • Online application for admission from TCC or RSU
  • Current academic year high school transcript
  • Documentation of test scores

Please see your Catoosa High School counselor for additional application information. No student will be allowed to concurrently enroll without high school counselor permission and approved documentation.